How does this work?  It’s easy!

1.  Take a look around, and find your Dream Property

Scan our available properties and find your special piece of land.  

2.  Make your Down Payment

Once you find the property you want, add it to the cart and make a down payment.  You can pay cash, or in many cases we’ll owner finance! 

3. Begin enjoying your new Land

Once the paperwork is complete (and it won’t take long) you can’t begin to enjoy your new land.  Yes, it really is that easy!


Hightail Land & Cattle
P.O. Box 630913
Highlands Ranch, Colorado 80163


Phone: (720) 336-0707

Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed!

I want you to be happy with your purchase so our properties have a guarantee of satisfaction. If you decide you’re not satisfied with your land for any reason, you can exchange it for another one within 60 days, no questions asked! The money you’ve paid will go toward the price of the new property. If a balance is owed, you pay the difference or begin making payments on the new property just like you did before!

Cancel anytime! If you are using seller financing to purchase a property and you are unable to continue making payments, let us know and nothing else will be owed in the future. There will be no debt collection or litigation! As we said, if you decide you want another property in the first 60 days, your previous payments can apply towards a different property on our site!

hightail land & cattle

About Us

Every weekend growing up, we escaped to thelog-sm mountains.  Friday afternoon would roll in, dad would hook up the trailer, mom would pack some food and clothes, and we’d head for the mountains of Colorado.  

vista-smWe grew up ducking under bushes, getting muddy in streams, and balancing on fallen trees.  We’d ride around on motorbikes, make reservoirs from stones in the creek, and picnic on a mountainside at 12,000 feet up in the air with a view that stretched 100 miles into the distance.

No wonder that our love for the wilds of our beautiful country runs deep.  It naturally follows that we’d want to share it with you.  It may seem incredible, but there really are still untouched and out of the way corners of our country.  Best of all, you can claim your piece of that wild – a place to call your very own.

together-smThis is a family company.  We’re here to serve you and to help you find the property that meets your needs perfectly.  Please get in touch and let us know if you have any questions.  


All the best,
The H.L. & C. Team